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Deiana Piano Academy - Piano Lessons Cork


Musicianship skills are essential to all musicians; understanding how music works, from the inside out, gives a deeper insight into the music we perform or listen to, and allows us to play with greater understanding and more musical awareness. 

Our primary aim in the Junior Cycle is to develop within the children a love of music, an understanding of the basic building blocks of music and a deep sense of musicality.

The program is designed to develop and strengthen the following key areas:

  • Aural awareness

  • A strong sense of pulse and rhythm

  • Singing with accurate intonation

  • Inner hearing

  • Music literacy – the ability to read, write and “think” musical notation

In addition students will be introduced to music terminology, the instruments of the orchestra and a selection of music from each of the main stylistic periods.


In the Senior Cycle Musicianship courses, which are optional but strongly recommended, students are led to an understanding of the various music styles and periods together with the study of basic harmony, analysis and counterpoint. Students continue to develop their aural skills but are now ready intellectually to explore, and understand more fully, the more abstract aspects of music theory. When approached in this way, understanding the theoretical aspects of music presents little difficulty for the students as strong aural foundations have already been laid. Upon completion of the Senior Cycle Musicianship programme, students will have developed the requisite skills necessary for admission to third level music courses if this is a path they wish to explore.


How do I apply?

You can apply online or you can download an application form to be submitted to the administration office no later than 15 September 2016 for Term I and 01 February 2017 for Term II. 

Can I still apply if I miss the deadline?

Late applications may be considered if a place becomes available.

Can I apply for lessons without signing up for the school term?

Yes you can, please contact the admission office for more information.

How do I pay?

After Registration students can pay their fees directly at the administration office. Cheques and Postal Orders are accepted and should be made payable to Deiana Piano Academy. Fees must be pre-paid and can be paid in full before the commencement of the term, or split in two different payments: 

  •  Term I - First payment to be received no later than 15 September 2016 and second payment no later than November 2016; 

  • Term II - First payment to be received no later than 01 February 2017 and second payment no later than 15 March 2017